About Us


CattleConnect offers a leading edge bidding platform that provides a superior digital marketing concept for cattlemen , who are looking for a direct marketing option that’ll provide exceptional value on there cattle through the “price discovery” system. CattleConnect works with approved agents and their representatives, and selected "Bonded" Order buyers within their province.

SALES ARE HELD ON THURSDAY'S, Before showlist cattle.  (When cattle is offered)



  • Clients that have been marketing their livestock direct or online in the past.
  • Mid - Larger ranch offerings, with the top sorted qualities and quantities of calves 

  • Backrounded cattle fed and maintained for a 2-6 months. 

  • Yealings that has been weaned and pastured for over a year. 

  • Previous “one bid” clients: Can now take advantage of an affordable online “price discovery” digital marketing system, where a “one bid” system is unknown on the circumstances, and usually doesn’t create additional “aggressive” bids, or disappointed buyers fall slightly short of winning bid


CATTLE BUYERS involved in Cattleconnect: 

  • Prefer to purchase cattle direct off the farm, or feedlot.

  • Have a time window to find proper transportation for there purchased livestock, expecially during the peak season.

  • Buyers want to bid on cattle with a price discovery system, where a sealed bid is unknown on the cercumstances, and can purchase cattle on a fair platform. 


  • Customers who want to list any selected cattle from there farm, like bred heifers, cow & calf pairs, purbred bulls, or replacement heifers... they can take advantage of a listing service through CC. 
  • Works with representative's, marketing expertise as a third Party agent, as clients can offer there cattle on on a vast digital network, strictly dedicated to cattle.
  • There is a 30-60 day time limit window for the offering.